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Today in MacPython - snippets


Here's some links and snippets of interest from today on the MacPython Channel:

  • Squeak - when do we get GUI tools like this for MacPython?
  • unicodedata - u'N{DEGREE SIGN}' is the same as unicodedata.lookup('DEGREE SIGN')
  • Zope - How is it different from Apache+PHP? The Plone installer is a good way to try it out on the Mac.
  • ZODB - It doesn't use ExtensionClass anymore! But you still have to subclass Persistent.
  • bundlebuilder - How do I make a pygame bundle? It's still hard (but I'm working on that). Python+pygame would be a great language to use for the iDevGames 21 Days Later contest, but the bundles are beyond the 2.1 MiB compressed limit! It's possible to make small bundles, but the means to do so are not currently available (but ask me in two weeks if you are participating!)
  • IDEs - Vim, Emacs, SubEthaEdit and Xcode do syntax highlighting, PyOXIDE is an up and coming Cocoa IDE.
  • Chemistry - PyQuante looks like a good way to learn some quantum chemistry.
  • PyObjC - it rocks, but you should already know that. A 1.1 release should be coming out Very Soon Now, but has been set back by sourceforge CVS issues.
  • wxPython still has bugs on the Mac
  • XUL and Renaissance are XML-based-GUIs
  • Enthought Python is a good way to get a scientific/engineering enabled version of Python. We don't have that yet for the Mac, but we should!
  • Opportunity landed, but NASA TV is only available via Real (yuck!)
  • New PackageWishList node on the wiki, use it!