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Trac is a "minimal" Subversion Frontend/Wiki/Issue Tracker/Task Manager/etc. written in Python that revolves around a Subversion repository and a SQLite database. I've taken a quick glance (at the website and source code), and here are my thoughts:


  • Verison Control!
  • Far, far, far less ugly than almost all of the others
  • It's not sitting on top of some monster like Zope/Plone/etc.


  • The source code mixes tabs and spaces (what the hell are they thinking)?
  • Lots of inline SQL code, no abstraction on top of SQLite.
  • It is based on CGIs, with no fcgi/asyncore/Twisted/etc integration that I can see, so it's not likely to scale and may have database locking issues (either corruption, or not scaling because the database is locked per-process).
  • The Wiki engine is based on MoinMoin syntax not reStructuredText, and it has no hooks to docutils.
  • When they say minimal, they were probably comparing themselves with Plone. It certainly doesn't sound minimal from the description!

That said, I think something like this is sorely needed, but it doesn't sound appealing enough just yet to compell me to dump roundup, MoinMoin, viewsvn, etc.