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Forget Spreadsheet::ParseExcel!


I've been working on some automation scripts to take data out of excel and do useful things with it, and I hit a big stumbling block with Spreadsheet::ParseExcel. Unicode SUCKS in Perl, and Spreadsheet::ParseExcel does nothing at all to help you with that. Each cell gets its own encoding ('ucs2', '_native_' which I haven't seen, or it's simply undef.. which seems to be latin-1). Anyway, it's completely bogus, so I started shopping around for another implementation.

Andy Khan's JExcelApi does the trick and is light-years more correct and faster than the alternatives I have tried (other than the time it takes a JVM to start). Not only that, but by default the jar does exactly what I want it to do. It gets the unicode right, and everything worked perfectly the first time. My dealings with Excel files have been reduced to the following:

java -jar -Djxl.encoding=latin1 jxl.jar -xml EXCELFILE.xls

And the Python code to parse the workbook xml document from jxl looks roughly like this:

from xml.dom import minidom

def parseDocRows(doc):
    for row in doc.getElementsByTagName(u'row'):
        rowdata = [
            u''.join([x.nodeValue for x in col.childNodes])
            for col in row.getElementsByTagName(u'col')]
        if rowdata:
            yield rowdata

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import sys
    for row in parseDocRows(minidom.parse(file(sys.argv[1]))):
        print row