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py2app builds its first .app


I started hacking on py2app again, and it's to the point where it can build applications now. What it does:

  • Uses a bootstrap executable (like the PyObjC Xcode template, unlike bundlebuilder). It does not require a compiler to do this, it's precompiled with source included.
  • Finds Python dependencies and stuffs them into a zip in the application bundle ( This is basically "semi-standalone" in bundlebuilder terms.

What it doesn't do, yet:

  • Non-zip distribution mode
  • dylib dependency hunting and rewriting (bundlebuilder2 / macholib)
  • Standalone
  • Plugins (preference panes, etc.)
  • Haven't tried or tested including non-code resources or full packages
  • Haven't yet tried doing anything non-trivial
  • No way to avoid the modulefinder step (should have a way to manually specify dependencies)
  • Take a template plist or additional plist arguments