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Mirroring of Subversion repositories isn't very well supported at this point. It seems that the only way to do it without filesystem access to the server is with a perl package, SVN::Mirror.

Installing SVN::Mirror was a bit troublesome. Basically you need to:

After that, you should have a svm utility, which you can mirror your repository with. There is a documentation bug in the current version where it says that that init takes a skip_to argument. It does not. sync does, however.

In order to get the mirror going, you need to do something like this

$ setenv SVMREPOS ~/svm
$ svm init mirror/bob
$ svm sync mirror/bob 2

The 2 is important, because it's the skip_to argument that allows your mirror's revisions to match your repository. Don't ask. In an earlier version of svm, this number used to be 3.

To check it out, you do:

$ svn co file://$SVMREPOS/mirror/bob bob

And to update the mirror:

$ svm sync mirror/bob