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PyObjC at PyCon 2005!


I've just received official notice that both of my 30 minute PyCon proposals have been accepted for PyCon 2005! I took a look at the list of other accepted proposals, and there was definitely some stiff competition. If you're close enough to go, you should. I've been the past two years, and it's top notch and affordable. I highly recommend it, regardless of your Python experience or specialization.

#57. Introduction to PyObjC:

Introduction to PyObjC is a quick tour of PyObjC suitable for anyone with Python experience looking to get their feet wet with Cocoa development using their programming language of choice. Prior Objective-C knowledge or Interface Builder experience is not necessary.

#58. PyObjC Hacking:

PyObjC Hacking is a quick tour of advanced uses for PyObjC and related tools. This talk is geared toward those who have a working knowledge of PyObjC (or at least attended Introduction to PyObjC) and ideally understand data structures at the C level.