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ANN: py2app 0.1.8


py2app is the bundlebuilder replacement we've all been waiting for. It is implemented as a distutils command, similar to py2exe, that builds Mac OS X applications from Python scripts, extensions, and related data files. It tries very hard to include all dependencies it can find so that your application can be distributed standalone, as Mac OS X applications should be.

py2app 0.1.8 will be included in the installer for PyObjC 1.3. If you have installed PyObjC 1.3, then you already have py2app 0.1.8 installed.

Download and related links are here:

py2app 0.1.8 is a major enhancements release:

Bugs fixed:

  • Symlinks in included frameworks should be preserved correctly (fixes Tcl/Tk)
  • Fixes some minor issues with alias bundles
  • Removed implicit SpiderImagePlugin -> ImageTk reference in PIL recipe
  • The --optimize option should work now
  • weakref is now included by default
  • anydbm's dynamic dependencies are now in the standard implies list
  • Errors on app launch are brought to the front so the user does not miss them
  • bdist_mpkg now compatible with pychecker (data_files had issues)

Options changed:

  • deprecated --strip, it is now on by default
  • new --no-strip option to turn off stripping of executables

New features:

  • Looks for a hacked version of the PyOpenGL so that it doesn't have to include the whole package in order to get at the stupid version file.
  • New loader_files key that a recipe can return in order to ensure that non-code ends up in the .zip (the pygame recipe uses this)
  • Now scans all files in the bundle and normalizes Mach-O load commands, not just extensions. This helps out when using the --package option, when including frameworks that have plugins, etc.
  • An embedded Python interpreter is now included in the executable bundle (sys.executable points to it), this currently only works for framework builds of Python
  • New macho_standalone tool
  • New macho_find tool
  • Major enhancements to the way plugins are built
  • bdist_mpkg now has a --zipdist option to build zip files from the built package
  • The bdist_mpkg "Installed to:" description is now based on the package install root, rather than the build root