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ANN: py2app 0.2


py2app 0.2 is a minor bug fix release. You can download it from packages. PyObjC 1.3.5 ships with py2app 0.2, so if you have that, you have already upgraded to py2app 0.2!

Functional changes:

  • New datamodels option to support CoreData. Compiles .xcdatamodel files and places them in the Resources dir (as .mom).
  • New use-pythonpath option. The py2app application bootstrap will no longer use entries from PYTHONPATH unless this option is used.
  • py2app now persists information about the build environment (python version, executable, build style, etc.) in the Info.plist and will clean the executable before rebuilding if anything at all has changed.
  • bdist_mpkg now builds packages with the full platform info, so that installing a package for one platform combination will not look like an upgrade to another platform combination.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in standalone building, where a rebuild could cause an unlaunchable executable.
  • Plugin bootstrap should compile/link correctly with gcc 4.
  • Plugin bootstrap no longer sets PYTHONHOME and will restore PYTHONPATH after initialization.
  • Plugin bootstrap swaps out thread state upon plug-in load if it is the first to initialize Python. This fixes threading issues.