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Talking Panda Update


We've (finally) updated today with a fresh new look and a new product: iBar.

iBar turns your iPod (any iPod with a screen and a dock connector) into an "ultimate bartending tool" with over a thousand drink recipes, mixing techniques, and even a couple history lessons. Like any good bar should be, it's stocked. Altogether, the Notes content adds up to over 3 megabytes (yes, that's text!) with more than 40 minutes of original, professionally recorded, audio.

Like its sibling iLingo, iBar ships with installers for Mac OS X and Windows XP/2000 (everywhere iTunes is supported) that make installation painless.

And for relevance, here's a little bit about how it's all put together:

  • The Mac OS X installer was developed with Python 2.3, PyObjC 1.2, and bundled up with py2app.
  • The Win32 installer was developed with Python 2.4, win32all, Tkinter, PIL and is bundled up with py2exe and then made self-contained with NSIS.
  • The build scripts for the installer application actually use even more open source stuff. We use JExcelAPI to convert Excel spreadsheets to XML, and Win32::Exe to swap out the ICO resource out of win32 executables -- but no Java or Perl makes it into the redistributable :)

We're also blogging updates and podcasting some of our content, so point your NetNewsWire or Safari RSS over to Talking Panda News!