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MochiKit sneak preview

There are more examples, and a real site for MochiKit now. Check out

As some of you know, MochiKit is a badass lightweight JavaScript library that implements some very cool stuff. We've been working on it from a public subversion repository (thanks red-bean!) for some time now, but haven't had the time to finish the site or package up the distribution . It's very close, and has been more than usable for weeks now.

If you're into edges and bleeding, check out:

There's currently exactly one example, Sortable Tables from Scratch with MochiKit, which shows off just a smidge of what MochiKit makes easy. The particular example follows the "unobtrusive javascript" buzz train and adds column sorting to a table that would otherwise display and look just fine if no JavaScript interpreter were available.

The documentation is really shaping up, but is completely unstyled at the moment, so shield your eyes for now. The reStructuredText documentation might be more palatable in the interim.

Look out for MochiKit's imminent release here and on JSAN!

If you want to see more of MochiKit in action, check out its sugar daddy: MochiBot. MochiBot is a tricked out traffic monitoring system for Flash content (that really shines if you're doing a viral campaign or want to watch your game spread over the internet). If you're a Flash developer, you ought to find MochiBot pretty damn cool, and this is just the beginning of many services we're working on at Mochi Media. It's still beta, but it's free. Free is good.

All of the tables in the MochiBot UI are sortable (when that makes sense) and are loaded on the fly by XMLHttpRequest. This makes the interface just about as responsive as it gets for a browser, and you can refresh the data in a fraction of a second if you just can't wait to see how your Flash content is doing. There's even some cute little sparklines on the dashboard!