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MochiKit 0.50 released


MochiKit 0.50 has just been released (download here)! In addition to everything that was in SVN yesterday, the documentation has been proofread a bit and Dojo Toolkit package system compatibility was added.

That makes MochiKit the first library to support self-hosting as well as the package systems from JSAN, Dojo Toolkit!

MochiKit is one of the most documented and well tested JavaScript libraries out there. It brings the best idioms for asynchronous and functional programming, iteration, comparison, DOM creation, color space manipulations, etc. from Python (and elsewhere) and applies them to JavaScript. If you're doing client-side web development, you need to check it out. This is just the beginning!

The distribution will be available in JSAN soon. It's already uploaded, but it'll be in the queue until META.json support and the reStructuredText processor are available. This should happen soon, possibly as early as Friday.