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MochiKit 0.80 Released


MochiKit 0.80 has been released! This release includes a new example, a bunch of new features, and some bug fixes.

The major new features are HSV color model support for MochiKit.Visual (for all of you Photoshop users out there), Python-like strip functions in MochiKit.Format and the updateNodeAttributes, appendChildNodes, replaceChildNodes trio in MochiKit.DOM.

The new view-source example uses the excellent dp.SyntaxHighlighter and extends it to provide XMLHttpRequest-based syntax highlighting. It simply reads the file name from location.hash, makes an educated guess about how to highlight it, and displays the content. It's quite cool, and now all of the examples have links to view their source files using it!

The mailing list is really taking off too, so you should sign up!

2005-08-12 v0.80

  • Source highlighting in all examples, moved to a view-source example
  • Added some experimental syntax highlighting for the Rounded Corners example, via the LGPL dp.SyntaxHighlighter 1.2.0 now included in examples/common/lib
  • Use an indirect binding for the logger conveniences, so that the global logger could be replaced by setting MochiKit.Logger.logger to something else (though an observer is probably a better choice).
  • Allow MochiKit.DOM.getElementsByTagAndClassName to take a string for parent, which will be looked up with getElement
  • Fixed bug in MochiKit.Color.fromBackground (was using node.parent instead of node.parentNode)
  • Consider a 304 (NOT_MODIFIED) response from XMLHttpRequest to be success
  • Disabled Mozilla map(...) fast-path due to Deer Park compatibility issues
  • Possible workaround for Safari issue with swapDOM, where it would get confused because two elements were in the DOM at the same time with the same id
  • Added missing THEAD convenience function to MochiKit.DOM
  • Added lstrip, rstrip, strip to MochiKit.Format
  • Added updateNodeAttributes, appendChildNodes, replaceChildNodes to MochiKit.DOM
  • MochiKit.Iter.iextend now has a fast-path for array-like objects
  • Added HSV color space support to MochiKit.Visual
  • Fixed a bug in the sortable_tables example, it now converts types correctly
  • Fixed a bug where MochiKit.DOM referenced from global scope