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Recent MochiKit commentary


For those not watching the entire blogosphere, here's two pretty good articles/posts about MochiKit that have come up recently:

Andy has put together part 1 of a series of MochiKit tutorials for building a blog application, almost entirely client-side:

For a little more commentary on that post, you might look towards the Ajaxian blog coverage.

Jeff Shell put out a little head-to-head between MochiKit and Prototype from a Zope user's perspective:

What Jeff doesn't seem to mention in his article is that his AJAX example actually shows Prototype and MochiKit living in harmony (using and Element.fade from Prototype, with MochiKit's AJAX support). That actually does work. Personally, I'd have demonstrated the AJAX stuff without the Fully.Qualified.Names in that scenario (to show MochiKit in its best light in comparison w/ Prototype), and used showElement instead of (saves a character, removes a Prototype dependency ;).

MochiKit plays very nice with both the strictest (i.e. Dojo) and the loosest JavaScript development styles (i.e. Prototype) around, because it's very defensively programmed and well exercised in those scenarios. There's one or two places in MochiKit where you pay a price (performance, or extraneous data carried around) if you mucked up Object.prototype, but it actually does let you do that.

Thanks guys!