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MochiKit 0.90 released


MochiKit 0.90 has been released! This release includes a new feature, some bug fixes.

The new feature in 0.90 is JSON serialization and evaluation support via serializeJSON, evalJSON and registerJSON.

2005-10-08 v0.90

  • Fixed ISO compliance with toISODate
  • Added missing operator.sub
  • Placated Mozilla's strict warnings a bit
  • Added JSON serialization and unserialization support to MochiKit.Base: serializeJSON, evalJSON, registerJSON. This is very similar to the repr API.
  • Fixed a bug in the script loader that failed in some scenarios when a script tag did not have a "src" attribute (thanks Ian!)
  • Added new MochiKit.DOM createDOMFunc aliases: H1, H2, H3, BR, HR, TEXTAREA, P, FORM
  • Use encodeURIComponent / decodeURIComponent for MochiKit.Base urlEncode and parseQueryString, when available.