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Mochi Media hiring for Python web developer job in San Francisco


I don't often post about open jobs at Mochi Media on my blog, but it seems that most of the awesome people we have here found out about Mochi Media from me so I might as well ;)

Web development at Mochi Media happens primarily in Python and Pylons with Genshi templates. We're currently using mostly MochiKit for the JavaScript heavy lifting and we talk to all of our backend services (which are either Python or Erlang) via JSON. We're using a bunch of other cool technologies such as memcached, nginx, PostgreSQL, etc. We also often contribute a lot of what we do back to the open source community (e.g. MochiKit, MochiWeb, simplejson, etc.) and would love adding some more team members that were interested in helping out with our open source efforts too! We don't require experience with all of these frameworks and tools, we just need smart people that have a really solid understanding of web development in Python.

Mochi Media runs MochiAds, a monetization platform for Flash games, and MochiBot, an analytics service for Flash content... so we've got tons and tons of data to work with and very interesting scale problems to address. Our primary service, MochiAds, is a monetization platform for Flash games... so part of the responsibilities of being a Mochi employee is to approve all the latest in Flash games for paid advertisements from our network ;) There's even an internal competition to see who approves the most games each week! You can check some of them out at

Mochi Media was founded in 2005 by Jameson Hsu and myself, and we're backed by Accel Partners and Shasta Ventures. We've got a great team and are always looking to add the best people we can find. If you kick ass at Python and love building cool apps for the web, talk to us!

This position is full-time and on-site in San Francisco, CA. We're very easily accessible by BART and Caltrain in SOMA, at 2nd st. and Mission st. More evidence that Mochi Media is a cool place to work can be found on the mochimedia Flickr photostream:

More info and application instructions are here: