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PyCon 2009, Drop ACID and think about data


I'm getting increasingly lazy about updating my blog these days, probably best to follow me on twitter:

Anyway, I gave a talk at PyCon 2009 in Rosemont ("Chicago") last week called Drop ACID and think about data. Basically it is a survey of some of the various kinds of non-traditional database technologies I've been looking at the past few years. Notable technologies NOT talked about are object databases and graph databases. *UPDATE* Video available here:

Slides are on BitBucket for now: Drop ACID and think about data

I'll be giving a (hopefully updated) version of this talk at OpenSourceBridge, which is in Portland, OR June 17-19.

If you're interested in the content of this talk there is far more insightful information on Jonathan Ellis' Programming Blog, one of the developers working on Cassandra.