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MochiKit Talk at Freedel 06


While I didn't personally attend Freedel 06, I recently came across the slides for Anant Narayanan's Web Application Development talk. Specifically it covers JavaScript web application development with MochiKit and Dojo, and it's split into four sets of slides. I've just had a chance to give them a look and they're quite good.

The slides are all done with S5, which is what I used for the MochiKit Intro talk I gave a few months ago.

Part 1 - JavaScript:
A general overview of JavaScript and AJAX
Part 2 - MochiKit:
An overview of what MochiKit is and why you'd want to use it. Lots of pointers to cool features such as DOM and Signal.
Part 3 - Dojo:
Covers a bunch of the great functionality that Dojo has that isn't available anywhere else such as widgets, layout, animation, and offline storage.
Part 4 - Case Studies:
A few very short case studies of some JavaScript web applications.