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MochiAds - Flash Game Ad Network


MochiAds is finally out the door! There's a pretty good summary of what we're doing on TechCrunch.

For the technically inclined, the UI for MochiAds is built with Pylons, Genshi and SQLAlchemy. The secret sauce is a combination of Python and Erlang code, and we've got Nginx as the gatekeeper. I've got nothing but good things to say about this whole stack. Erlang's module reloading, concurrency oriented programming model, and pattern matching has really been a dream.

For Flash game developers, we support ActionScript 1, ActionScript 2, and MTASC. Flash movies must be published in Flash 6 or later. Currently we support two ad formats: preloaders and interstitial ads. Either way it's just one line of code to toss in the movie.

The really Big Deal is that Flash game developers can make money off of their work throughout the entire lifespan of the project, especially if it spreads virally. It's no longer a bad thing if a portal "steals" the game without paying a licensing fee, the developer still gets paid!