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It's hard to believe that almost a year has gone by since we launched the first private beta of MochiAds, but we just relaunched the site last night and the doors are wide open now! Every user of MochiBot already has an account via our MochiPass single sign-on, and anyone else can sign up and get in instantly. You can start making money with your Flash games today!

It's been quite a ride so far -- this time last year Jameson and I were working out of our apartment in the Mission with Ryan freelancing all of the design. Fast forward through a round of venture financing and a tremendous uptake by game developers and here we are with our own floor of office space in SoMa (so much space that we're subletting to three other startups) and 12 people on payroll. We've even got a team who writes Erlang code every day, who else can say that? :)

Oh, and we're hiring people of all sorts, so if you're interested in working at a cool startup in San Francisco with a real business model (and revenue, today), cool technology, and a LOT of potential then please get in touch! You'll even get to play cool Flash games every day, because "reviewing" them is part of our job :)