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mochiweb - another faster web server


mochiweb is finally well on its way to becoming a proper open source project, thanks to Matthew Dempsky. We've got a mochiweb project on google code and a mochiweb group on google groups.

Similarly interesting is that iserve is now turning into something more useful. iserve and mochiweb are pretty much the same thing under the hood, but mochiweb exposes a different API (which I find to be nicer, but I designed it) and supports more of the HTTP protocol. They both (ab)use inets' {packet, http} mode and they're both very minimal.

Here's a mochiweb version of the minimal example that Tobbe gave for iserve:

-export([mochiweb_request/1, start/1]).

start(Port) ->
    mochiweb_http:start([{port, Port}, {loop, {?MODULE, mochiweb_request}}]).

mochiweb_request(Req) ->
    <<"<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN\">
        <head><title >Welcome to mochiweb</title></head>